Monday, February 27, 2012

Rain Delay

It's one in the afternoon and has just dried up from the rain this morning and a mist until eleven. I did put my rain jacket on this morning and walk about a mile and a half. I went down to the auto parts store and got something for the van. By the time I returned I was wet from head to toe and figured I could safely take the day to stop without feeling bad. I received a text from a girl who is taking a college media class. She is on her way to tape an interview. That should keep my mind off the fact that now the winds have picked up, dried the pavement and at least the shorter grassy areas. I could get somewhere today without too much wear and tear on the World. I never could take a day away from work without feeling guilty about it, this is no different. I'd even take a large shovel to the beach when we went on a family vacation and spend the day making some huge sand castle or twenty foot long sand sculpture. Now the sun has broken through the clouds for a moment... The guilt, it burns!
I wonder what is up with that helicopter that keeps circling overhead...

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