Saturday, February 18, 2012

Deluge at Duson

I walked out of Lafeyette along Cameron (ol'90), walking through Scott down the road to Duson. The highway narrowed with watery ditches in many stretches. When I made it to town I had to stop and rest. I had been given a boudin ball, a pistolette and later a hamburger with fries during lunchtime, any one of those would have been a meal. I must learn to say no if I want to prevent the disease I am walking to bring awareness to. (That's a mouthful). I had to stop and have a piece of fruit with a bottle of water just to thin the grease attempting to coarse through my system. While I sat there the Duson Police came and because of my big mouth it wasn't long before I was being hauled off in the back of her patrol car... She had arranged with her Captain to take me to get the van and also to the Fire Chief who said I could keep the World at the station in from the rain that was coming. Just my luck, to spend another night at a police station. It's like Tucson all over again, not as cold though. It rained during the night but when daylight came the skies poured down buckets. With the World safe at the Firehouse I went for coffee down the road. I like to talk with the old men who gather at the local eatin' spots but I am in Acadaiana, and Creole is not something they teach at my ol" Kentucky home. I sat, had my breakfast and listened... I love this state. When I returned in the pouring rain to the police station I was met by a man with fresh ben-yays (hey at least I can remember what it sounds like), small doughnut pillows with powdered sugar. We met outside his auto salvage business Friday, we had talked about the Louisiana hospitality and the abundance of good regional foods that aren't necessarily good for you. He brought them to see if I had a breaking point. They were delicious, but I couldn't eat very many. We talked as the rain made the pavement a shallow river. During the conversation I mentioned some trouble I have had with my brakes, a job that was done poorly by Pep-boys.(Another braking point) He offered to help. I handed him the remaining pillows of fried dough topped with sugar and we were back to his shop, the biggest chop shop in the state, maybe the whole U S of A and he By the end of the day of torrential rain, which at times the downpour was as thick as fog, had the van stopping smooth and straight. Thank You just doesn't cover it. This is just another example of the big world of good people I meet all the time.

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Jessica stover said...

We just saw you!!! Wanted to stop but not on the highway! Love what your doing and it made my day. :)