Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Dinner Bell

I didn't have much to say on Sunday about my experiences while walking imto and through to the north side of Kirbyville. I had passed a church congregation just before their services, I was asked to stop for a picture with their children and answer some questions about my journeys. The leader of the church asked of the good and the bad, I have found the people all around the country to be good hearted. When I got to Kirbyville I was helped to get a spot to stay by a good woman (a diabetic) at The Dinner Bell Restaurant on the North end of town and had time to get my clothes washed at the laundramat. When I arose early Monday I had coffee and breakfast with the "regulars" at the "table of illumination" in the "bell" and was able to get going toward Jasper just before sunrise. The days walk was one of the furthest distances I have traveled. I made it to the Walmart in Jasper just as it became dark. All thru the day the people I met were warm and I had several people who stopped with food to help me on my way. More than I needed and on this subject, food, I will now address... I will try and be quick about it. Have some miles to walk, a new pair of Vasque hiking boots (graciously provided by Red Wing Shoes), a few important calls to make to my Old Kentucky Home far away, reorganize my backpack and shoulder bag, make sure Nice(the dog) is well fed, etc. And the sun is already high in the sky. (This won't be quick) the first meal I was given was a Sonic double cheeseburger and fries with a complimentary breath mint and ketchup (with high fructose corn syrup as a main ingrewdient). While I ate that I was given two bottles of water and a pepsi (water, high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, sugar...see where I am going?). After that, a few hundred yards up the road three women stopped, they had been to to grocery and offered something. I asked if they had fruit or vegetables. Let me first say two of the three were diabetic. While I talked to the two diabetics the healthier returned from the car with a box of little debbie marshmallow cakes, a large box of cheese nips and two fruit drink juice boxes. I, as nicely as I could asked her to read the first two ingredients of the little debbie cakes, High fructose corn syrup and sugar...I drank the sugar shots as they explained the groceries were for the husband and children," we're junkfood junkies. But we try to eat healthier foods being diabetic.". We all took. pictures and parted. I declined the cakes and cheese nips. Before I mad my way to the top of the hill a woman stopped to hand me a couple double cheeseburgers from "Mcmuckaluks" she had bought especially for me. She said if I didn't want them I could feed them to the dog. He had also just had his own sonic double cheeseburger. I later gave him the beef from one sandwich and trew the other to a pack of Chiwawas who came from their trailer home out to the road to follow us. When I was still climbing the same hill a woman still dressed in her night gown came from her house with a piece of Little ceasars pepperoni and sausage pizza. She had been saving it for me as she watched me walk up the road. The saving grace was Frankie who stopped to ask what I was doing. He brought from his truck four bottles of water and a box of granola bars. I accepted a few (now that I look at one I see the second ingredient is sugar. Then canola oil, yellow corn flour, honey, soy flour, brown sugar syrup...) Later in the day. I was brought some fruit by a woman who I had met earlier. She said she remembered I said I liked fruit. She also had a cold bottle of water. During my twenty mile walking day I was also given a coupon for two(with a fountain drink by a local restaurant that I couldn't use because when I arrived at Walmart I had been given a foot long sub from the pizza store close by. I could only eat half of it. Luckily I was talking to a young man who kmew the owner of the restaurant that gave me the coupon, he had "baby sat" his children and was good friends with him. I gave him the coupon for two.
My good deed for the day occurred when I took a shortcut across a funeral home parking lot and found a clutch purse someone had dropped while getting in the car for a funeral procession. I was able to get it to the local police and I hope she gets all her cards and license back safely. After some disturbing calls from home I slept soundly but awoke late after dreaming of my son who the subject of the calls from home. This morning I must follow up on that and some World guy Foundation business before I step out into the day.
I have been promoting walking for your heath during these walks around America. Now, for my own good, I must begin to turn down some of these gifts of food. I can't walk it all off.
Love your body. Give it good, healthy food and exercise. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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Kimberly said...

Hello :) I had never heard of you before today; but I saw you walking down highway 63 in Jasper as I was headed to Louisiana. I think what you are doing is amazing. I wish I could have stopped to talk to you. I am a second semester nursing student and have recently become more aware of and involved in my health after spending so much time doing clinicals at the hospitals and seeing how poor health strips everything from people. God bless you on your journey. And I love animals so give Nice a bug hug and kiss for me and thank him for being a loyal friend.