Saturday, March 10, 2012

In the dark.

I awoke from my crazy dream in the middle of the night and after jotting the previous lines I flipped a coin to decide if I should haul myself out of the van, air up the World and get to Lufkin before the rains I was told would come around eleven this morning. I made very good time with very few cars on the road. When I got close to Lufkin I stopped for breakfast to wait for the workers speeding by for the morning shift. Once it became light people began to stop me and I thought I woukd be getting wet soon. The rain held off as I walked into town. The rains never came as I walked out of Lufkin and around the loop back to US-69. I was offered a place to stay by a nice woman who gave me her address but her house was back a little way and the winds were blowing against me when I turned around. I hadn't made my way more than two hundred yards when a man also offered for us to park at his home which was down wind. I called the nice woman but she didn't answer to let her know I was going to take the offer that wouldn't have me going backwards. I have walked for twelve hours, pushing against the wind was not in the cards. The clouds are getting thick again, I think I made a good decision to start early this morning during the dark of night.

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