Friday, March 9, 2012

Texas Hold 'em

The road from Zavalla to Huntington had a slightly more narrow shoulder that made it necessary to walk along the tall spring grass while the heavy traffic passed on US-69 between the two towns. The rains held off until I got to the Valero truck stop at Huntington but throughout the day the sky rarely let the sun shine through and often a light rain mixed with the mist that fell most of the day. Overnight several inches of rain with lightening and thunder washed over this part of Texas. The temperature fell sharply by this morning with another heavy mass of rains due to move in this afternoon. I could load up and get to Lufkin in this now cold mist that could turn to heavy rain later today or be prudent, let Nice (the dog) rest and straighten the clutter of the van from almost two months of traveling. The rainy weather may keep us here in Huntington for the weekend. I have until mid-April to get to Dallas barring some unforeseen issue that would have me stop early. I have walked across Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. A long weekend while holding off for the Texas flush, I think, is the best play. Yesterday I made a had a good run, today I'm gonna' hold 'em and walk away when the drenching's done.

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ConnieHollister said...

My name is Connie. My friend Denita and I were driving from Zavalla to Lufkin and saw you walking. I got a picture of you! I'm going to send to your email if that's ok. Keep up the good work!! If you have a facebook I will gladly let all my friends know so they can maybe help you out! Thank you!!!