Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jasper past Angelina river crosssing.

For now all I have to say after walking a twenty and then a fifteen, facing another that's more than a fifteen mile day; I say to the trucker that backed his rear end up to my van in the middle of quiet country and idled all night... They made this thing before recorded history called a B L A N K E T, why idle when you can snug-up under one.


Anonymous said...

Hey worlguy, saw u this afternoon on Hwy 63. Would have stopped but had my infant in the car. My hat is off to you. Rock on!

Anonymous said...

I also saw you right before you got to the Angelina River on 63. Thought I had lost my mind there for a second! My wife couldn't believe I didn't take your picture. Glad I found your website so I can share!