Sunday, March 4, 2012

Waking up to sunshine.

The cold and windy day out of Buna began in the dark. Before I had walked a few miutes a young man came to talk. He had just looked up Worldguy and wanted to thank me, he had lost his father recently to diabetes. The wind was relentless. All day I crossed from one side of the highway to the other to rest the arm I was pushing with. The cold front crept in as I had to push in the grass, the wind challenged my resolve blowing harder and harder. More and more people stopped, all seemed to have or be affected by diabetes through friends or family. A man and his wife invited me in for coffee. I knew I would not be able to get to Kirbyville before dark so the visit was a welcome rest from the wind. I am usually the one who does all the talking, not so with this coffee break. I enjoyed listening and could have stayed for hours but I needed to get to the sunshine Handymart on the outskirts of Kirbyville. The air stayed cool but the skies cleared in the late afternoon. When I finally stopped at the store to see if I could stay outside with the van or continue the five miles to town I was welcomed to stay and was soon given a ride. Not before having some warm conversations and Nice(the dog) was given much attention which he appreciated very much. After I returned and got settled in the van I was asleep before I knew it. My knees, toes and hips ached from the relentless wind and it was midnight before I awoke to get under the blanket. This morning I was awakened by a Cardinal hopping along the roof of the van and the sun clearing over the trees. I am feeling refreshed, still a little stiff from the cold temperature. The World has a slight coat of frost which the sun is now cooking off. Today I will have to take an easy walk because I hear that after the five miles to Kirbyville it is twenty miles to Jasper. I guess I should thank the winds for making this day of rest possible. I should also thank the winds for draining my energy, making me sleep so soundly with a few memorable dreams. Sometimes a struggle has a good result.
If you have excuses that keep you from walking think of the benefits on the other side. It may surprise you how good you feel.
Have a happy stroll on this beautiful Sunday.

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Jess Fee said...

Thank you so much for devoting so much of your life to raise awareness for diabetes! You have reached so many. Our children at Gateway Tabernacle that you stopped and spoke to yesterday will always remember that there is someone out there standing up for a cause and doing something about it. You are doing so much more than just walking. You are teaching our Future that when you want something, you have to fight for it.
Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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