Friday, June 29, 2012

An added Bonus

Being on the road leaving my fate in the hands of chance meetings and random coincidence has unforeseen perks I never thought of when I began my journeys. Sure, walking has led me to see the endurance I have, some limitations I must accept, how selfless and good people can be in nearly every state and town I have walked in. Beside the benefits to my physical well being by pushing to stay active one thing I have come to notice lately is "noise reduction". The chatter of my thoughts is greatly reduced. I am calmer by walking. Things that, in another time in my life, would be sure to have me "bouncing on my tip-toes mad" now roll off like "water off a duck's back". If I begin to write less over time it can be blamed, in part, on the benefit, the clarity, achieved from pushing myself to get out in the world and move. Being active has helped me think clearer, helped me loose useless angst and stress. The bonus, I think less.

I am in St,Helens Oregon. Will head to Scappoose today. Enjoy your day.


Anonymous said...

You just passed my friends house and she posted a pic of you. Good luck on your journey! :)

Anonymous said...

I drove by you twice today... on my way to St. Helens from Portland and on my way back you were in Scappoose in front of the middle school. I wish I would have stopped to talk with you. Great cause!

NATERADE said...

erik this is nate i met you today on hiway 30 outisde of scappoose, just wanted to say how much i enjoyed our conversation. im a traveler as well but been consumed within the rat race for a little while now so it was refreshing to talk with you. keep that smile bud, safe travels!