Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rain and Harmony

Out of Chehalis it was not long before a mist began to fall that kept falling for half of the ten miles to the crossroad mid-way to Toledo Washington. Overcast skies all day make for easier walking, the World doesn't require regulating the pressure, less need for water, shade breaks are unnecessary. The roadside shoulder was wide the first half so I was able to make good time. The second leg of the day had hills with banking turns. I'd switch from side to side to give traffic the safest view as the approached and get the best advantage of gravity, slope and wind as I pushed the World uphill balancing the crest between roadway and ditch. At the crossroad I had a delicious salad at the corner "Espresso Sandwiches and More" who allowed us park for the night behind the store. Finding a healthy salad is a real treat this far out, I almost never see more than a banana or apples by the counter. They gave us a ride to get the van and within hours of settling in the constant rain set in all night and , so far, into the next afternoon. After meeting too many diabetics to count walking just a few miles down a country highway.

As I walked along my thoughts wondered to stories of old India when Yogi roamed the countryside, enlightened. How they would appear, insert a thought that changes a life coarse, then fade among the trees. A moment passed. A van stopped with mebers of a team relaying a torch all over the globe for World Harmony Run. Two spoke with an Australian slang as the third trotted up with a blue handled torch we talked about walking, and running; the attitude of the step, stepping softly. We took pictures of each other. As they were about to leave they gave me a card, apologizing for adding to my load,, Sri Chinmoy founder. Those old souls still find a way.
Later a van pulled up, the happy woman nearly was run over as she stopped in the road, left her door wide open as she ran over to give me two Jahovah's Witness monthly publications. Not looking around she ran back, again in front of oncoming traffic. That's faith...

I have been sitting, waiting out the rain. I have just asked permission to stay until morning. Of coarse the rain quickly stopped and the sun is occasionally peeking through the clouds. It is late in the day, too late to begin. Nice (the dog) doesn't want to get out of the van. He is usually a good judge, it will rain more. That doesn't mean I am not struggling with myself to go despite knowing I need to heal for a day, we both need it.


Brittny Martinez said...

I saw you here in chehalis :) you had me really curious as to why u were walking around with a giant world ball lol..... And a friend found ur website for me :D

Liz said...

Im sorry I didnt get a chance to say good bye to you when you left Mary's Corner Deli.. Darrell and I had errands to run and all.. It was great meeting you and glad that you had a chance to give your body a rest.. Good Luck to you Liz