Friday, June 29, 2012

St.Helens to Scappoose

The first person who talked to me this morning had family with diabetes, the second person was married to a marathon runner, also a diabetic. That's how my day went. While walking along a crop duster flew back and forth over a nearby field. I must certainly be pest free as I was coated with whatever potion being broadcast over us. The woman who gave us a ride at the end of the day to St.Helens to get the van was nurse who told me she knew too well about diabetes, that exercise can help. I"ll keep walking.


Impact NW Mentoring Program said...

Just drove by you with a group of mentors and mentees on our way back from Sauvie Island to Portland. Thanks for a chance to have a great conversation with our kids about what you're doing! Hope you find a place to stay dry! Safe travels.

Anonymous said...

Saw you today on Hwy 30 and wished I would have stopped to visit. Had no idea what was going on until I googled it. Good luck with your journey. Are you walking into Portland, then what? Do you ultimately fly back home between muli-state walks? What state do you reside in? Thanks and be safe!

Thoshographer said...

Saw you in Portland today! Thanks for your hard work and many blessings to you!