Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oregon south Frisco bound.

On the Oregon side of the Columbia. I began this morning reworking a seam patch on the World. The sun has been out since the morning fog burned off. Still as we passed under shaded spots along the hillside steam comes off the breath though it is quite warm in the open. The road has been narrow in areas but we have made past. Daily I have met people who are inspired to walk for themselves. Too many more have excuses. I could very easily jot down a laundry list of trifles that will keep me immobile if I let them. Some painful aches and sprains, or perhaps overwhelm for the task I have taken on. I have been so cautious until now that I wouldn't commit to a goal. If I am willing to let it be in the Daily news I can say it here, I am going to San Francisco.
There, I said it.
Walk for yourself. It feels good.

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