Monday, June 18, 2012

reluctant recap

Don't know weather I should get some sleep and post something in the morning before I leave or to pound out something tonight. It only gets later, later... As the sun rose the people of the night made their last stroll before going back to where they came from. The homeless emerged walking toward their daily routines. Some are more gracious and dignified where others are still obnoxious from last nights' drink. Alone, in pairs or small groups. The groups generally are louder, smell of ack'a'haul' and don't pay attention to the hard grimace of Nice (the dog) when they invade the space he likes when they smell of booze and stupidity. The pairs and couples seem more at ease, with a lighter outlook than some of the quieter lone souls. The comfort that someone "has your back" or some other intangible of having a buddy makes them seem more alive.

Fatigue is catching up with me. I am falling asleep and have rambled myself into a hole. To make the hole deeper I will post it...
The next morning..
With the help of a few misdirections from locals and the GPS on my phone a wiggled my wat South around Tacoma. I was glad it was Sunday when I passed the heart of town as the traffic of a business day would have made it much harder. We made our way to S Tacoma Way that led again to the Pacific Highway. They say the "PAC"_Highway leads all the way down the west coast but in Tacoma it disappears and later blends into the Interstate as it passes the military base. When I was walking along miles of car lots we met some of the local law officers, one of whom is a diabetic who showed me his insulin pump. They were very helpful in letting me know how far I could go before I was pedestrian-locked and would have to shuttle south past the Base. It never ceases to amaze me how fit and healthy those diabetics who take of themselves look. When I mentioned this the officer proudly said he had no choice but to be fit. The officers thanked me for spreading the word and what I am doing. I don't think it is equal to their dedication. They "Make a Difference."
During the day a couple came to talk and offered a ride when I hgad gotten as far as I could go. I then shuttled the World to the recommended exit past the militery base and the river basin.
It rained overnight and I am going to let the sun dry things a bit before I press on. There is no avoiding the wear and tear on the World but a soaked road is like coarse sandpaper.
Take some time to get you blood flowing during the day. It's not like the World is on your shoulders.


Anonymous said...

Just saw you in Olympia. Good luck on your journey! I shared your pic and website on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

My sister saw you in Olympia today! Make your way to Lansing!

Juiroame said...

Saw you twice today, once on the northwest Trail, then on Capital blvd in Tumwater coming back from a doctor's appt. When I found out why you were walking both ball and dog, It really made my day a little brighter.
(its been a really rough year for me)

Good Luck Out There and keep shining.

Juiroame said...

Saw you today on Capital in Tumwater on the way home from a doctor's appt. Thanks for making my day a little brighter.

Keep on shining.