Friday, November 9, 2012


Aside from the strong headwind I pushed against over the flats and ponds with no cover to break the force of the wind it was a good days walk into Hazen from DeValls Bluff where we began the day with an impromptu interview with Ernest P. Glass and his sidekick. The windshield squeegee was a nice touch. Gotta' have fun wherever you can.
I had a relaxing afternoon and evening with a nice family in Hazen listening. I hardly said a word, refreshing.
As always I met diabetics and families who dealt with diabetes. None disagreed that walking helped control the ailment . Love yourself, go for a walk daily.


Tara said...

Oh my how have I missed this. Aug 6 2012 was the day my doctor told me I had out of control diabetes. My life habits & genetics were catching up to me! Since that day I've participated in numerous 5ks & 2 weeks ago did my first 1/2 marathon!! I live in arkansas and would be so blessed to meet you. I will have to keep track of you perhaps one day paths will cross. Bless you and I pray Arkansas treats you well,

Luann Glenn said...

Hope all is well with you and Nice. We honk when we pass you nowadays in our white Ford F150 four door with camper shell. Glad to know there are folks out there willing to share their roof and a little cheer along your walk. Please be safe and give Nice a hug for me. Luann