Saturday, November 17, 2012

Loosing spark

We walked along the Hot Springs Highway for fourteen miles over hill and dale through ditches into the dark and during the night both my feet did "protest much". I was willing to give the nine miles walk to the next stop a chance with a small bit of enthusiasm. Very small. I started the van, as I do every morning to use the air pump and "pressurize" the world. It ran normally for a few moments then died. I was relieved more that I would not be walking than I was worried how I could find a place to fix the van. Luckily there was a service station nearby that was able to tow and repair the problem, on Saturday, and get me on the road before noon. By back I mean to say, a dozen miles back outside the Hot Springs Village community to the shopping center parking lot I had began the day along highway 5 where I inflated the world, spent some time adding new and repairing loose patches. Now the patches have cured and the world is ready for another day. That day is not today. My foot very much needs the rest, as does Nice (the dog), the world is better than it was when I crushed it and crammed it into the van this morning and the support van has spark. I intend to have spark tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I saw you parked in cranfords parking lot the other night and stopped to fullfill my curiosity. Thanks for the interesting drive home.