Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The power

We crossed the bridge to Little Rock and rolled up to the state Capitol before heading thru town. All day in the city folks had time to stop, many asked how I managed and where I slept. When I explained how we get help from good people we meet to leap-frog the support van up to where we finish the day all I actually had at days end was many well wishes . As the sun raced to the horizon I began to loose faith in this system that seems work in all places but in large cities. My foot was sore and I could feel it swelling . As I walked past a seminary some young men came to the road and asked my story. I half heartedly shared and to my surprise they helped. The man who helped with the ride was a veteran who shared his experience after returning home from "the war", becoming lost in drink and depression. He shared with me the night with a bottle in one hand and gun in the other he had his moment where his faith called him to give his life for ministry rather than end it all.
A powerful choice, a good choice.

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Anonymous said...

Mr Erik, What an inspiration to meet you and Nice today. I talked to you, and gave Nice a pat, on your walk down Hwy 5 this afternoon in Bryant . I am a Physical Therapist doing home health in this area. I had passed you and Nice a couple of times today and decided I wanted to meet you in person. What a kind gentleman you are. After I left you and Nice, I really wished I had said or done more to help you. You certainly motivated me even more to challenge my patients and my Dad to get up off the couch!!! I wish you and Nice happy and healthy adventures!!! Renee