Monday, February 11, 2013

Catch up

Just before getting into Inglis while it was still dark I noticed a car with it's flashing lights coming up from behind on the other side of the road but going in the same direction as we were. It was following a man who was walking very fast. They soon passed and it was not long before they were almost out of sight. All I could see was the blinkers in the distance. After the sun came up the van that passed earlier stopped. They were part of a larger team that were walking over four hundred miles to raise funds to assist wounded soldiers and the families of the fallen. The Air Commando Ruck March. They march at four miles an hour. I walk at a snails pace in comparison. The men and I talked for a few minutes before they continued to the next rendezvous point. At my best pace I could not march as fast as they do...
Yesterday, after leaving Homosassa at Mike's Friendly Pub where they let me use the back yard to patch the world and spend the night, I was walking along when across the road I noticed a woman pushing a carriage. The wind was blowing hard against me, I tried to stay ahead . Laughing to myself,I remembered saying that I go slower than a woman pushing twins in a baby carriage. As she passed I saw she had a twin carriage. To add "insult to injury", she was also pushing the twins through the grass. Hard as I tried I could not catch up before she made it to the road where she turned off.
A few minutes later I found a small childs toy at my feet. It was a plastic Inch Worm. It kept it as a reminder of the race.

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Anonymous said...

And you met a triplet mom today! Hope you enjoyed the pizza and happy, safe travels.