Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wind Power

During the years of learning the ways of the world, how to better "roll with it", my perspective has changed. The first walk, to promote The American Diabetes Association's Alert Week, was scheduled strictly. I had little time talk with people while I rolled the world, unharnessed, to a five minute meeting with a mayor at a city hall or the governor on the steps of the state capitol. In rushing to my goals in later endeavors I slowly realized the destination is not so important. Sharing a sincere message, appreciating each experience and individual is the joy that lasts. A hard wind may seem to slow progress. A storm might force me to seek shelter short of a goal where I then meet someone who gives me a "nugget" of wisdom, an insight that brightens a cloudy day. Anyone I meet, whatever they may seem to be, brings a cherished gift to the journey. When I do not judge.The same type of headwind that would once break my resolve now leads me to a breakthrough. When I am open. A struggle turns to gold when I relax, pay attention, appreciate where the wind has brought me today. It may be a brief handshake from an old man with an indescribable youthful glow in his eye who said to me, "Life is great,enjoy yourself!" It could be a granddaughter who wants to send a picture of her and me to her grandmother in hopes of inspiring her to get active and begin to take control of her diabetes. (If that picture could share the deep love I saw I am sure grandma' would choose to change.) The wind may hold me in place, but while I wait for it's force to subside I have time to watch a sunset. Rather than sprain a muscle by forging ahead, I lock a glance and a smile with the driver of a passing car. Now, after thousands of miles and months on the road, to this goal or that, my destination pales in comparison to people I meet and the moments shared. A world of lessons on the wind that I once would have rushed past are beginning to come into a calmer perspective.

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