Tuesday, February 5, 2013

On food

A man once told me not to put diesel fuel in a sports car.

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Anonymous said...

We were traveling north on Rt.19 just south of Chiefland Fl around 1:00pm today. Our mission, a sad one, was returning the children ages 11 and 13 to their mother who was waiting at our meeting point in Perry. We had just ended a weekend where we laid my friend's mother to rest. My eyes were weary from the long weekend and the amount of driving. I thought that I was seeing things when on the horizon appeared what I thought was a large ball, a man and a dog. I can't tell you how relieved I was when it actually was the aforementioned. We honked the horn and waived and then decided to turn around and stop. What an uplifting experience this stop provided. World Guy and his dog Nice were happy to speak to my friend and his daughters. They took pictures, talked and petted NICE. I was enjoying this from the drivers seat as I am disabled and unable to walk or stand much. I had made a choice to help whatever cause he was walking for as I waited for my friends to return to the car. I was so impressed to find out that he was walking to support the American Diabetes Association. I too am diabetic and unfortunately am not as healthy as I would like. In these sad times it was so welcome to share this positive experience with the kids. This was a lesson which I am sure the kids will be able to use at some point in life. Perhaps an essay or school project, this would be a personal experience that I hope they will choose to share. Thank you World Guy for lifting our hearts and leaving us with uplifted spirits.