Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Three days

Pushing a six foot, eighty pound orb into a wind gets tiresome. The first day I had to go only five miles, I had energy to spare. The second day I was told the distance was sixteen before there would be a place to stop. At the twelfth miles I found an oasis, a shopping center. It amazes me some folks definition of "nothing". The wind forced me to the low side of the road easement where I could use the trees and the high road bed as a wind break. It had little effect as the wind blew almost directly at us. The end of the day left me drained. A nice couple rode me to their home for a shower and dinner so when I began the third day at least I felt fresh and clean. The warm southern breeze on the third day along with the increased traffic as I approach the metropolis kept me off the pavement and at as low pace. Several good people gave me supplies for Nice (the dog) and by the end of the day I estimate I was carrying eleven pounds of food and treats for my four legged companion along with a few extra bottles of water. Between the stops for conversation, the wind and the added load I travelled six miles. I was more drained after six miles than I had been from twelve the previous day. I have learned there is no need to be disappointed or frustrated at my progress. When I relax and "step back" I always find a jewel in the struggle. Whether it be a friendship at a crossroad or a beautiful sight in the woods seen from a low ditch far from the road. Though tired,the third day was full of good people, pretty scenery and inspired conversations.
A storm is brewing and the wind is still in my face this morning. "The main thing is...", as Petie the old carpenter used to say, "don't get excited." The wind is gonna' blow and the rain may fall but how else can you rinse the dust off without effort? ( whatever that means )

In case I have not said it enough... Love yourself and go for a walk.

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