Friday, February 8, 2013

Otter Creek and Inglis

I carried a heavy load for the long walk with enough food and water for two days. I kept a steady pace walking miles before anyone stopped to talk. It was a man who had lost his young nephew to diabetes. He had pulled over to get a picture without knowing what I was doing and left grateful that someone was bringing awareness to the disease that touches so many. My load felt heavier as I walked on. On the long stretch between the two towns only a handful of people stopped. Most brought water, all had diabetes effecting them or their family. My load did not become lighter. At the end of the day I was carrying more than when I began.
I stopped as it became dark at the edge of a road closed off by concrete blocks string up my tent and having dinner before night fell. Just before I fell asleep a light rain began to fall so I zipped closed the door flap of the tent. I awoke in the middle of the night to condensation dripping down the walls of the tent . I got out to find the it was drier outside than the closed bag that is my tent so I loaded my gear and continued on to Inglis. I made my way there just after daylight where the towns historian/news person/ sweetheart had arranged a ride by the former mayor and a room at the Hickory Motel after a hot breakfast. I spent the afternoon repairing a large patch on the world. Many of the patches have begun to separate but I could do only a small area as rain was on its way. I also took everything out of the backpack then took it to the car wash to clean with the high pressure wand. It had gotten to the point where no amount o smell good spray was helping. There was enough sunlight and wind before the torrential rains moved in to finish the patch and dry the backpack. This morning before I leave I will repack my gear and let the world dry some before putting it more abuse. It will need some major attention soon...
Whatever your burden, keep moving.

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