Tuesday, June 23, 2015

All about the goal...

Nashville to Asheville.
It had a nice ring.
Made it to the center.
Circled the park,
I had again done the thing.
Louisville to Kansas, or Nashville, twice to Pittsburgh then Michigan.
Where would the journey continue?
To Asheville wasn't enough.
Why not save the ride home for later?
It really is the steps of the journey where you learn.
When does a diabetic stop?
I continued the next day from Bliss,
Tattoo parlor.
Stopped in the last fire station out of town
Asked for a card, the man handed me a patch.
Met a man cutting grass at a hotel,
he offered a ride after work.
A policeman stopped behind me while I was pushed up in the trees at one of the tightest spots of the entire trip.
He said he just wanted to get a picture...
Walked along the ditch by the railroad
Found two old bottles from a dairy that had closed decades before.
A right-of-way with history.
Walked to the next town.
The man called after work
Happy to give me a ride.
He said I was bringing attention to something people hated to do.
Take care of themselves.
When he dropped me off he asked
"Where are you going to end up?"
I replied, "After fourteen walks, thousands of miles, what more do you want from me?..."
The old man said, "I love you man!", and sped off.
It stormed though the night.

The Asheville news...


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