Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Studio

From West Asheville to the Television studio in South Asheville was too many miles to walk. The World had a shine from new paint so I loaded it into the van and took it across town. I found the station and parked in the back where I inflated the World, made sure the patches and paint were whole and hoped there would be no rain until six in the morning when it was time to get the six foot ball into the building.
Then I saw something that changed my perspective... A flying ant had landed on the fabric of my open van door. While I watched it the winged ant reached around with its pinchers and tore off one wing, then the other. It gave me something to think about while I spent the night awaiting the final segment of my Asheville walk. The goal, Asheville.
When Paul, the production Director came out he realized the large overhead door to the rear of the studio was padlocked so I had to bring it in the front door, down a six foot hallway, turn a corner then down another hall before getting to the back door of the studio. I started early and needed all the time I had to get the World down the tight corridor.
All the effort was successful. The segment went well, I think. I was the last spot of the Sunday morning news.
I then had to get the ball outside, stuff it in the van after letting out the air again.
It seemed a shame to repair and paint the world just to go back home to Kentucky after walking to Asheville so I returned to downtown while it was still early and toured around the city center, this time without and impending rainstorm. There were many who had seen the piece on the news that morning and many more who had seem the segment the station had been showing for several days when I was twenty miles outside the city.After I had spent the day there I returned to the van. ( this time I had it parked close by )
My goal to walk to Asheville, North Carolina fulfilled, I deflated the ball to put it away, but I felt I had more to do.
As I pushed the air from the canvas I looked at the bumper-sticker on the car next to where I was parked. It made me think...

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