Monday, June 8, 2015

First in Flight

The first time I walked into North Carolina I was on a flat highway near the coast. With wind blowing hard against my shoulder, slightly to one side. The six foot canvas ball sailed along while I touched only the toggled leash attached to the four foot guide pole on one end and the laces over the ball's fill-hole on the other. I got the idea I would see how far I could go without touching the World.using only the guide-leash.
One mile passed. The marker for mile two had been lost. The second mile seemed endless. I was determined to keep on without stopping or pushing as I rumbled along the slanted berm of the highway.
I was surprised to see the next marker read three. A few hundred yards past that marker the road turned about five degrees to the right and my first flight in North Carolina was ended.
I gotta' say...
It felt right Brothers!
(Cue the drum splash)
This trip in was mountainous. The canvas grew heavy, rolling on and off grass wet from rain. This time I climbed grades while trudging in ditches and checked for ticks at every stop. With every valley there comes a hill on the other side.
You never forget the first time...

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