Monday, June 29, 2015

The Appalachian Trail

After walking from Nashville to Asheville I spent the next few days with three dogs, parked by the A-T at a concrete slab Helo-pad, built for the Forest Service. It was at the end of a rough gravel road which intersected the trail as it weaved into national forest lands. It was the perfect place for three large dogs, two of which were normally attached to their owner at the hip.
There I set up a hammock under some low hanging trees with the three dogs, Red. Busy and Nice. We lay around waiting for for Red and Busy's mother to return from her business each day. The view was great and the shaded camp was comfortable but the summer heat, even in the mountains, was stifling.
At the end of the week, when my friend had finished her business I drove the van north to my sister's place in Arlington for her Birthday celebration.
When my visit there was over I was one tank of gas away from cooler temperatures if I went north, so I worked my way along remote highways, through Maryland and Pennsylvania, to NewYork.
As it grew dark I was lost in the Catskills.
In a fog, after a heavy rain. I found a place to pull off and sleep next to the thru-way and fell sleep.

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