Friday, June 5, 2015

Skipping Ahead

Pushing the World over hill and dell, talking to people, keeping the dog and the support van maintained is time consuming and sometimes exhausting.
Writing updates here, as well as posting the hundreds of pictures to Facebook, often comes last.
It is my intent to share some about the last few days from Tennessee into Asheville before I launch off into another chapter in this ongoing journey.
BUT... The World needs attention. It is literally pulling apart at it's seams and the paint which protects the fabric of the World has worn away from many days of grinding over wet roads.
Getting the World in order, now that I have arrived in the heart of Asheville, is taking priority over my labored ramblings about diabetes and situations I experience along the road.
I am not just going to run back home. or charge against another windmill-goal without giving the World the attention it needs and deserves. It looks good from a distance, the up-close view shows the neglect and potential catastrophic result of continued use without continued care.

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