Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hold on, I'm coming!

We didn't walk a whole'lotta on Valentine's Day. I had a ball talking to those who stopped or came from their workplaces. Some invited us in for food and Love for the Nice dog. Several times, when a happy couple would walk up from their car I played Cupid and asked them to enjoy the Valentine holding hands with one another. It was sweet to watch as they strolled back slowly to the cars squeezing each others hands and stealing a loving gaze. I snapped a photo more than once so I wouldn't forget.
We were invited into an industry break room for some chicken and King Cake and left after being given a few gallon bags filled with cake and more chicken than anyone should ever eat if they hope to keep diabetes away. With each bag the woman filled with delicious chicken I said over and over I could not turn anything down AND I am walking for diabetes awareness. Another of the women added an apple, another an orange while the well wishing chicken bagger added a coke to the package. As I talked to the shop workers and a few executives. I "curled" the heavy bags of leftovers. The situation was hilarious.

By the end of the day I had been given no less than seven shirts (two off the back of the givers), four bottles of water, a gatorade, hand cleaner and several Valentine hugs. I felt the Love on this holiday.

Lafayette is five miles away and I heard the rain is coming. With the sunny and warm I must accept the wind and wet times. I will get "there" eventually. Patience.

Give yourself a Valentine everyday, love yourself and enjoy a walk!


Anonymous said...

I saw you by my house on the 13th. On my way back I did not see you, but now I am glad to know you were okay and so was Nice. My dad was diagnosed with Type 2 last year. With diet and pills he is doing awesome! Thanks for doing this and tell Nice thanks too!!

APPSmeeg said...

I saw you going to work! interesting journey, wish you the best!

Haleigh said...

we saw you in broussard by walmart. tried to turn around to bring you the last 3$ we had on us to get you something to eat or drink....but couldn't I think its great what you are doing. What kind of dog do you have?

KjenTweety said...

WOW, Just want to say THANKS for what you are doing!... My Mother Died from Diabetes, & My Husband has it!... My Husband told me that you had a chance to Stop at his Shop and of corse they had Fried Chicken.... LOL But He also Told me how Great it was to see someone taking a stand... & How amazing your dog was. As he got up You told him to stay and then down.... & he Obeyed. Again I say Thanks & I will keep you in my Prayers! ~~ Jennifer