Monday, February 20, 2012

Walking thru the Rayne, Odd Fellows and the Crowley WallyWorld

For those that are following this little trip thru Louisiana I want to say I received a call from a woman who represents Walmart who sincerely apologized for the miscommunication at the last store I stopped at where I was asked to leave. On behalf of Walmart she told me the cause was a good one and hoped for success. I accepted, told her I had moved on and held no hard feelings. I write this as I sit in the parking lot of their store in Crowley Louisiana on this sunny morning. The store watched over the World last evening while I was kidnapped by a family o' Cajuns for a delicious meal, another to add to the list of recipes I can't spell that you can only taste if you visit Cajun country. OohWee! I was away for hours while the World was safe in the welcome hands of Walmart.
Sunday morning the storm front that poured 4-1/2 inches on Saturday had passed and I left Duson from the Firehouse long before the Mardi gras parade and Walked into Rayne, the choppy high Winds dried the roadside and helped us along. Before I began I went to the food mart and ate breakfast with a coffee. As I sat there eating I was overcome for a moment by my emotional loss of mom. I can talk about her death from diabetes all day long during my months and miles... Later in the blustery morning some good folks brought me a coffee by the roadside in a hard plastic Clown cup from the circus," the greatest show on Earth", I recalled the tune "Tears of a Clown" and felt comfort as I sipped the warm drink, alone by the marsh. I had eaten a Subway breakfast sandwich in the morning and ate a cucumber during the day and felt much better than the heart-heavy diet I complained about from the other day; Boudin ball and Pistolette followed by a large dressed burger and fries. Better food, though less quantity, gave me more energy and endurance. Maybe there's something to this healthy diet thing, eh?
I walked into Rayne (the frog capitol of the World), past it's frog Depot city center and nostalgic main drag where I was met by the local newspaper. They brought with them a man who was walking to promote cancer prevention. His message is to enjoy a walk to keep the body healthy and strong to fight cancer. Maybe there's something to this exercise thing, Eh? We exchanged contact numbers and a few thoughts with one another as we posed for photos with well wishers, and the press who documented the rare occurrence. I was onto to Crowley while he was off to Lafayette.
As I walked to walmart, getting closer to town, I saw in the distance a man walking on the opposite side of the still rural road. He was flailing his arms and I could see he was talking out loud to himself, or to whatever demons he was leaving behind. I see troubled souls like him more in inner cities so to see a man dressed in clothes not suited for a country walk arguing to himself out there by the crawfish fields was an oddity. When he noticed us he forgot his angry rant, turned tail and headed back in the direction he came. At his first opportunity he disappeared behind a building of business closed for the weekend. I made my way to my stop for the night (the name of the road is "Odd Fellows") where I had dreams of people and places from home.
Tomorrow, Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, will certainly allow many hidden personalities to surface. Today I'll walk in the sunlight...
Love yourself and walk those demons away.


Angel Smith said...

Thank You Erik! For what you are taking a stand for! And what you are doing. Our mom died with cancer, so I can relate to your heart. I am the lady with her son, in the gold truck, he was bringing me to work. We both had heavy hearts for you after I told you hi, he circled again to bring you something and he saw you were surrounded with other people and couldn't get to you. I pray God's blessings over you as you travel through our US and for God to supply all your needs. I am thankful our Louisiana Neighbors have treated you kindly and with good hospitality. I will continue to follow your walk and blog. Thanks for sharing your heart, and I pray many people including myself and include more exercise and better food habits in our daily lives. Life Matters! ~ Moma Angel

Chris and Angel said...

Hey Erik! Sorry we took so long with your supper last night, wasn't sure you were going to call, and as everyone knows in Louisiana we cook our food for a very long time!! We wish you the best and hope that you stay safe on your travels. You are doing a great thing, and it makes us realize that all the great food around here may not be the best to eat on a regular basis! Going to try to eat better!! Call if you are ever in the area again, and hope Nice fares well also.