Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hugs for Meme

I get "blown away" by things sometimes. When the winds are very strong I sometimes have to hold on tight to the leash aTtached to my little world. There are times when I meet someone who lifts me off my feet. The young Mother I met on the morning of Good Friday touched me deeply when she gave me one of the wrist bands she and her family are using to raise funds for a kidney transplant for her Grandmother who has been a long time on dialysis. The wrist bands say "Hug a Meme". The young woman is going to give her kidney to her Grandmother, her Meme, and help raise the money for the surgery. That's love. That's truly giving of oneself more than I have done in walking to help bring awareness to diabetes. It's people like her that deserve the highest honors, the most praise and warmest hugs. I hope them the best with all my heart.


Ashleigh said...

I admire what you are doing so much! I live in Athens & when you came through I saw a picture someone posted on Facebook of you. I got my son in the car and drive around the loop hoping to find you to tell you in person but i didn't see you. I pray for safe travels!!

Anonymous said...

Dear World Guy,
Thank you so much for your warm thoughts!!! What you are doing is wonderful!!! My Meme is very special to me and we are very excited about the transplant, thank you for spreading the word!!! Good luck on your travels!!!
Amber Maieritsch

Anonymous said...

I know this family and they are the greatest of people. Warm, caring and loving to everyone. Her Meme is an amazing woman and the young lady is just as amazing since she was raised by her amazing grandparents. Our families are close and have been for many years.

Anonymous said...

That entire family is just as awesome. Thank you for recognizing them and for your kind act.