Friday, April 6, 2012

In the Mirror

Walking away from Athens I was against the wind, was stopped to talk, was given more bottles of water,V-8,food and more water. If the day from Poyner to Athens could be defined as a "cardio-workout" this day was a weight training day. My pace became slower and slower as the weight increased. As the sun fell behind the trees a man riding his small children in a four wheeler came up, he had stopped earlier as I plodded along. I asked if I could stop for the evening some place close. He gave me a ride back to my van and made sure I was safely back to the World's resting spot by the road. This morning while I unpacked my gifts I have lined up a three foot row of bottled water, bags of pre-cooked meats,flour tortias, cans of dog food and a pepsi. I had drank a dozen bottles during the day. Dehydration was not an issue. Thanks to all those who help me stay safe and well fed.
Tuesday I was scanning radio stations as I walked and heard a D-J talk about "the worldguy and played a song that reminded her of me. It was a song I'd never heard and after listening to the words I wondered what she was thinking, it was a sad song about crawling back to some thwarted love, I searched to hear something in the song I could relate to my trip, my life, my world and could find none. It had me thinking what songs might be more appropriate. Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror played in my ear. This morning I awoke a two A.M. With the lines playing in my mind. I recommend it.
Be the one to start your Movement movement.

Addm: Earth, Wind and Fire-Shining Star

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The Whittenbergs said...

I met you at the store in Eustace My 3 yr old son took a picture with you and gave you a Power Aid they have been watching you for a few days now and couldn't wait to meet you now he will have a picture to treasure forever God Bless You and stay safe!!!