Monday, April 2, 2012

out of Jacksonville

I slept at Walmart and had enough daytime to make a repair on the North pole and some much needed paint. It was warm and early enough to dry thoroughly, the paint I have put on since Wells has all washed off from dew and rain from poor drying conditions. My clothes and even Nice (the dog) are streaked with wisps of green and blue. I have turned west on US-175 to go to Dallas. The pack I was given by the Veteran "Mr. Clay" has seen two tours in Iraq and after a few days of my sweat I have kicked up the Bouquet of The Veteran "Mr. Clay", it's like carrying my twenty year old on my back. I stopped and got a $3 spray bottle of smell good stuff , Egyptian Mist, and doused half the bottle on the pack. Now I smell like a two dollar _______. better than the alternative. This morning I was not very enthused about walking but now that I am on the road I feel better.
Walk with someone you love today, you may get a hug for the effort.


Anonymous said...

It's very cool what your doing. May God Bless your walk.

Anonymous said...

I met you at Frankston gas station. Couldn't give you much but sent your photo and text msg of your cause to all my friends. Good luck! Margie Green