Thursday, April 19, 2012

since I've been back home...from The Grassy Knoll

I sit in the shade by a Knoll of grass aside from the spot where our former mayor was run down while walking his aged mother across the road. They were both killed. A wide stripped crosswalk is painted on that spot. In hopes it will never happen again. Of all the places to stop and, "out of the blue', decide I need to post something after being home over a week. I will just save this, and continue walking the dog...

Continued... Since I have been back I have began eating less, a life long habit I have, I eat like I am twenty, I don't burn it of like I used to. Since I have walked all these miles I don't crave sweet things and when I eat them I can now notice the drain it puts on me. Nice (the dog) and I have walked into the heart of The Highlands, He is shading in a small knoll of ivy beside a bowl of iced water left by the restaurant for the dogs who walk by. He decided we would stop here... The neighborhood I grew up in is as open and diverse as any I have wondered through so far. Since I have been away I have come to notice how pretty Louisville is, especially around "the Kentucky Derby". Since I have been home I have been very calm. It must have been all the walking... He has gotten up time to move on.

Since I have returned I found my first four leaf clover. After fifty years of looking... Moving along...

Since I began writing this the neighborhood auto repair shop has fixed my brakes, again. Off to pick it up.

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