Monday, November 19, 2012

Waxing loquacious

I was feeling rested and enthused when I began the day. When people stopped to talk I was full of stories and answers to their questions. The layover on Saturday was relaxing and I was in no hurry so when I was asked a question they got a long winded answer. I had to stop myself a few times. Recalling people I have met was helpful when a woman and daughter stopped. The mother said she might cry as the was walking up to me. Her daughter had just said she had lost hope of "them" finding a cure for diabetes for type one diabetics, she was one, and there I was on the road with a few tales of a research scientist I met in Connecticut who was working to regenerate pancreas and other insulin dependent people I had met who love long healthy lives with diet and exercise. All the twists and turns somehow had me there by the road to maybe bring a little hope.
The entire day I couldn't shut up. At the end of the day when I was relaxed in the van and almost asleep I received a call from a man writing for "the Village Voice" in Hot Springs Village ,the largest gated community in the nation,who I had seen on Friday as I was working hard to get to my stop so I asked him to call me after dark. When he did call I was still busy and turned him away again. He got an earful once I got started. I could hear his keypad whirring away over the phone as I spun yarn till he'd had his fill. I laughed at myself as we said goodbye and I drifted off to sleep.
Today I will try to keep it short and sweet on my way to Hot Springs.

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Anonymous said...

Saw you on Central Ave in Hot Springs this afternoon. I've never seen anything quite like that before. Neat awareness idea!