Friday, February 1, 2013


I am walking along in the morning sun
Bouncing in the sticks , a country beat.
Fresh shoes, clean gloves and a new morning attitude.
A man stops to see the world,
Thanks me for the "wake up call".
A new day, a new world everyday.
En joy!


Unknown said...

I think you are awesome...I checked my facebood today to read that a friend traveling in Florida, saw you walking along the highway with the world.....naturally several responses thought you were some weirdo until she googled and found out who you were....As a diabetic, I love what you are doing....a disease that can be controlled with good eating and healthy lifestyle if caught early enough(Type 2) and possibly avoided all together. Keep up the good work and be safe...If you ever need a place to rest in NC....let me know

all4fun415 said...

Saw you walking along Highway 19 a few hours ago. Beautiful day ...beautiful world!

Anonymous said...

it was nice to have u stay with us at steinhatchee outpost hope u r well and enjoyed the sandwich sorry i was at work when u came back sleep well and u always have a place to rest!

Unknown said... took me nearly two weeks to figure why a guy was walking his dog and a 6ft earth ball down US 19 in Florida - Now I know.

I snapped a photo of you and would like to send it to you if you want it.

Thanks for what you're doing.