Sunday, April 1, 2012

Almost Jacksonville

I walked out early this morning. The heat yesterday afternoon and the tall spring grasses and wildflowers though beautiful were too tall for steady progress and there were many stretches of shoulderless roadway. I am drained from the past weeks of worry and getting back up to speed takes time. While I was home I was given a full "ruk"sack by the veteran Mr. Clay. A great piece of gear, weighty, but good. I'll have to loose some weight to make the difference. I am now about four miles from town where Nice (the dog) has found some shade for a nap. I want thank the cat Lady for the ride to get my van last night. I apologize for the lack of things to talk about, my mind is still worried about my son. He is getting clearer each day.
Remember to get out and move. Your own personal Movement-Movement. Prevent, control diabetes.

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Anonymous said...

My father and I passed you on Highway 69 on Sunday. We were so glad we found you on the internet. My mother had diabetes too. Best of luck to you. I hope to see you in Dallas.