Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Around the Block

I went walking today without Nice (the dog). He had his short stroll out to the grass by the road in front of the plaza and I'd given him his pills.. I had made my morning sweep of the parking lot for trash and cigarette ends. The girls had arrived, and once Nice had been given his morning affection, we put him in his pen. Knowing he was in good hands, I slipped out the rear door and headed for the sidewalk. My back ached and my knee was stinging from the start. After almost two miles the sciatica kicked pain down my left leg and my toes curled from tendinitis or arthritis. The only thing to do at that point was... Turn left, spread my toes, swing my hips like John Wayne and keep walking. It took another few miles to loosen up, but on the final stretch I was feeling better. None of my ailments will get better unless I stay active. It won't be long before I can walk again with Nice and the World to distract me from my "old man" complaints. For now it is just World Guy, on the block.

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Anonymous said...

Belated birthday wishes for a year of peace and happiness and many long walks for you and Nice (the dog)