Sunday, April 21, 2013

Quiet momentum

In the ending decade of the last century life was simple. For the love of it, my young son and I would roll the world to the nearby park to play. After a mile of pushing through narrow streets and sidewalks we would roll to the top of a hill, push the world over the edge, chase it down, roll it back up and do it again. All the children wanted to play. All the adults thought there must be some symbolic message behind a man and his son chasing the world down a hill then pushing it back up. Children would lay flat on the hill as the world rolled over, then help retrieve the world from the tree line at the bottom of the long sloping grass hill. The adults asked if we had walked across the country. Were we protesting mountaintop destruction by the coal industry, saving the trees from the lumber industry or were we doing this for whirled peas? The children would encircle the world and together drop the world over the edge, run down the length of the hill and all work together to bring the world back to the top. As the children played, the adults devised a world of issues to push against. None had the idea that we were simply walking, running, playing to be happy, and healthy. After all these years, all the miles and changes, it is still that simple...

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