Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Day After.

My Birthday was yesterday. I was surprised with greeting cards and balloons, a box of World Guy business cards and sinfully delicious cupcakes from the local bakery, Cupcake Heaven. The cupcakes tasted like treats described in the Fairy Tale "Hansel an Gretel" prepared by the Witch of the Gingerbread House, I imagined myself as Hansel extending a slender stick through the bars of his cage to fool the old blind witch. I received well wishes all day from email, text, Facebook and phone. Crock pot meat sandwiches for lunch, minestrone for dinner along with ripe watermelon to rinse it all down left me full as a tick, as Hansel fattened for the oven. Birthdays are, thankfully, but once a year.
Early this morning I walked four miles to get my blood flowing. I survived another Happy Birthday!

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