Saturday, April 27, 2013

No clue

I don't know how to begin the description of this tale. I will begin by apologizing for what I may say that may offend.
There was a dog fight outside the door of the office.
The, so called, dog groomer who rents the space next door has two dogs. A pit bull and a Brittish American bull mix. 65 and 95 pounds respectively, Pixie and Smoke are their names. She, Pixie is a new adoption by the groomer. Two weeks ago he brought her while she was in heat to breed with Smoke. The groomer opened his door Thursday evening to say something to Angel and Suzanne. They were sitting at the bench outside the office door while Nice slept in the sun, covered by his blanket. Moments before I had stepped inside the office. The girls were there, the parking lot was empty. What could be more relaxed and comfortable? The groomer let Pixie slip out. She had no collar or harness. She had been locked in the bathroom with Smoke all day while the goomer was out. He had returned a few minutes prior. I say he is a dog groomer but he has not taken in a customer since he took over the business from the last tenant and moved in two months ago with Smoke. The dogs bark at any noise when he is away. this was the first day he had put them in the small bathroom. When he leaves them in the back room they bark at every noise. When he leaves them to roam the entire shop they bark and gnash at the glass front door at anything that moves . They get in a frenzy and charge the glass if someone comes to inquire about grooming. I am sure they both had some pent-up energy...I am resisting the temptation to express a strong and denegrating opinion toward the groomer at this moment... Here we go...I had stepped inside, sitting with my back to the window, I heard the dog groomer talking to the girls. Then I heard him yell at Pixie who was standing and sniffing Nice who,for a few seconds, laid calmly under his blanket while she sniffed all around his face. While the, again so called, groomer yells at the recently pregnant, collarless female, Smoke pushes his way out the door, without collar or harness. I began to run to the door as I heard Nice and Pixie clash. She had walked behind him and attaked. Suzanne flung Angel onto the bench, grabbed Nice by his harness and stood on his leash while the two beasts began to battle. As I hit the door Suzanne handed me the only leash in the situation. Smoke was making his first lunge into the fray as I kicked Pixie off this first time. I began to pull the leash attached to Nice, out to the open parking lot to get some distance between the dogs. Nice was engaged with smoke, who was being grappled by the 6' 2' 175 pound, military trained, served our country four years ( god save us), dog groomer. He was also holding Nice by his harness. As Pixie dives in again, and again, I am lifting two dogs off the ground, ever mindful of Nice's rear legs, kicking Pixie away a few more times and dragging the shirtless veteran, wearing shorts and sandals, across the parking lot. I finally get it through his thick skull to let go of the harness ( the other arm had Smoke in sort of a head lock ). Nice was attached, and held in place by the dog groomer, who had been dragged 60 feet, painfully apologizing all the way... When he could have been thinking of his next move...Pixie was not coming back for a forth strike and had been corralled by the girls back into the "groomer" doorway. Finally free of the the Navy trained anchor, I told Nice to let go and pulled him away. Leading Nice back the 90 feet to the door that I had just carried two dogs and dragged the man across, I mentioned that there was a reason for leash laws. I could not help myself but utter a phrase that translates as follows : Copulating individual with a below average intellegence quotient.
Nice has several small cuts about his face and ears. His legs seem to be ok. The groomer has asphalt scrapes and cuts. Pixie and Smoke also had wounds. Suzanne is wondering if someone got the number on the license plate of the truck that hit her and Angel. I feel like I went to a tractor pulling competition where I was the tractor.
The groomer still has not harnessed the dogs. Yesterday we heard Pixie and Smoke fighting and the dog groomer cursing while his two young children were there waiting for their mother to pick them up. When she arrived both dogs charged out the front door, no leash, and were dragged back by the skin of their necks.

In my opinion... Some people should not breed... Dogs.
Some people are clueless.


GizmoGeodog said...

Not offended at all here...That 'groomer'(?) is an ass plain & simple...Why on earth is he breeding those dogs? Why isn't he training them instead? Poor Nice...I'm glad he wasn't seriously injured

Anonymous said...

So glad Nice is ok! Your right....some people are just idiots! L& H's :-)

Room With A View said...

What a genuine hell-on-earth nightmare!! How fortunate that you were so close and got there so fast.