Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring Hill Rain

Because of this weeks events, the constant chatter on the news of senseless catastrophe, my morning walks to greet the sunrise have been my quiet time. Seldom do I see more than one or two others walking. A fire fighter on his morning run. The woman with the basket cart who uses tongs to fill plastic bags with garbage thrown from cars while she enjoys her morning walk. Or one of a few retirees who, like me, are greeting the day in motion. Each morning I have returned inspired from my walks to write something but news of Boston, West Texas, and other events worldwide have stalled my productivity.
Today is a new day. Rain fell and rinsed the dust away. A good night of sleep. A quiet morning routine. I have to learn how to focus amidst chatter, share a thought that's positive. Before the rush of another day threshes away the fruit of a quiet morning's stroll.

I was dealt a hand along the side of the road.
A dew covered playing card, a black jack.
A few steps away, a jack of diamonds.
I kept the hand and passed a card, face down.
"I'll hold", I said. "Still in the game." I chuckled to myself.
I held the cards as I walked.
"It would be silly to think this a sign", I thought.
Then a song bird perched on the diamond shaped sign a few steps ahead and began to sing.
Both silhouetted by the intense rays of the sun.
I couldn't read the sign for the bright glow around it.
I could hear the song.
Who believes in signs anyway?

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