Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sliced Bread on a Silver Platter

The guy who invented the bread slicer may have been a baker, alone and short handed one morning at the bakery when four little old ladies came in wanting a loaf of bread cut into slices. Tripping over his wife's rug loom on his way to the cutting board he dropped a loaf on the floor just before the loom fell on top, scoring evenly spaced cuts across the fallen bread. In his rush he leaves the mess and cuts up four loaves, slice by slice, for his customers who were all giving advice on how they would slice bread. While he sliced he was looking on the floor, at the ruined bread, the loom laying across it and the way the loom threads had cut the loaf. An accidental epiphany. A better bread slicer. All the elements were there, under his nose. What seemed at first to be a ruinous incident changed his world. The best thing since sliced bread!
As Nice (the dog) heals over the next two months after knee surgery, here at the office, I am wondering how we can keep the ball rolling and reach more people. The dog is not getting any younger. All the elements are here, right under my nose. I just need to invent a better way to slice this loaf.
Love yourself. Go walking. Take a friend.

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