Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Building Back

Nice (the dog) is building strength after the knee surgery. His incisions have healed, the swelling has gone, revealing the outline of the metal plate screwed to the bone on the inside of each leg. Yesterday, Earth Day, I took him for his first walk outside the boarders of the plaza in over a month. He had longingly looked down to the far stretching sidewalk all that time. When we turned to the sidewalk he was enthusiastic, walking strong and fast. I cinched his leash close to his harness, maintained an even drag above his shoulders, not his hindquarters, doing my best to keep up with him. At six minutes I stopped him to turn back. His power-walking changed to a head-slung stroll. He smelled each pole and tuft of weed on the return trip, which took a few minutes longer. He was happy when he returned and told the ladies in the office with his low-happy-growl. A few minutes passed, I noticed him licking his rear paws and ankle.Three or four times ( I forget the doctor's instruction ) a day he is supposed to walk. Each day adding a couple minutes to the length of the walk-time. Nice let me know he had done enough for his first day. I took him three more times toward the sidewalk at the edge of the plaza by the end of the day. Instead of pulling for the highway he has been longingly looking toward, he turned to lead me along the backside of the plaza. I'll pamper him while he builds his strength.

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Anonymous said...

Nice is lucky to have you for his daddy.... L&H,s