Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I am conflicted. One side has me writing and preparing the tale of what we have done, the other allows the story to continue. I think the best choice is to do both. I am not willing to stop walking because the dog and I are getting old. We have not reached the ocean. More, a bend in the river where we pause in an edie to swirl awhile, adding barnacles, mixing until the water rises and pushes us on. The planks of my symbolic vessel will shrink, crack, spring leaks, if I pull up on shore to rest on my laurels. What good is a ship out of water? Good to prepare it for launch.
I have stories to tell, sure. I have much to learn, to blend meaning to message.


Anonymous said...

Follow your heart......L&H's

Barbara Young said...

Walk some/talk some! Perhaps you can speak to elementary school children who could get a head start with their health by hearing your message! I'm sure you have enough material at hand to do a very interesting presentation!