Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kicking myself

The battle in the parking lot last month has caught up with me. I was strained and sore after having to drag a man and two fighting dogs while kicking away a third, across a parking lot. I had to get a chiropractic adjustment today. The pain from that day has only gotten worse. My lower back has endured so many injuries over the years, from accidents and "cocksure youth". Aside from a nearly crippling spinal injury when I was in my teens, at work I was always lifting great weight myself, where two men should. It caught up with me years ago and I have to be ever mindful of how I move. The unfortunate incident with the dog groomer's dogs, where I was the only one who came out of it not bleeding, has triggered a lifetime of aches, and new pains to add to the list. An old man told me, in my youth, I'd be kicking myself later in life for jumping from too high or manhandling twice my share. For some of those acts I should have been, more thoughtful, but I will not kick myself for injuring my back this time. I jumped into the fray for my companion. Though I have not hurt this bad in years, I would do again.
The chiropractor told me to come back again in two days...

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