Sunday, May 19, 2013


When I first looked at the plaza from across the road I judged it an unlikely place to stop for an evening. The least likely unit at the plaza, the one with black tinted windows and no sign on the door, would have been the last place I'd have gone knocking; even to get out of the rain. If I were asked to write a list where I would nurse my dog back to health after a major surgery, a corporate office, filled with desks and computers, would not appear. Of the people I met when we first walked through the door, the one I judged least likely to take-heed, has begun walking each morning since. She takes her nineteen year old dog, who now waits at the door to go along. She has inspired neighbors to join in, at times the group has over a dozen and more. Recently a giant woodpecker that forages in the large oak tree behind her house has followed her and her ancient hound, flying from perch to perch, during their morning routine. Stranger things have been known to happen. Like seeing a fat, bald guy wearing a cowboy hat, rolling a six foot canvas world while walking a dog, who is wearing a sweater , down the road...not very likely... Judging, highly overrated.

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