Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Morning routines

We have been getting out, just as the sun rises, for morning walks. The past few days I have started to bring the World along. Nice (the dog) doesn't walk as forcefully when his world is in tow and is always watching to see the pace the World is keeping. When it slows , he slows. If the World stops turning, he stops walking. Nice gets stronger each day and is excited each time I take him a little further. The hair on his back stands up and he gets a bounce to his steps. There is always a silent battle-of-will when I turn back. He stands firm in one direction as I face the opposite way. His expression is sullen on the return trip, no longer leading but walks slowly behind until we get to the plaza. The morning walk has been a great beginning to our morning routine.
While Nice waits for the girls to arrive at the office I spend some time each morning in what my father called "physical therapy". I sweep the area outside the office and patrol the parking lot for trash. I sometimes get out the vacuum cleaner and give the office rugs a quick cleaning. A small effort each morning has made a difference
. The patrons to the Bistro at the plaza don't throw trash in the parking lot, the girls can now sit at the bench outside the office on a windy day, without sand and scraps of paper blowing in their faces. They are happy to have a clean place to go when it is time for a break from the energy business. By the time all the shops open in the plaza I have had a Nice walk and a satisfying workout with a push-broom and dustpan. Nice spends the rest of each morning laying in the sun, every few minutes he goes to the cool shade after he gets hot. A dog's routine.
When the office workers arrive, I have found, it is time for me to go outside. The "buzz" of the energy world has been enlightening but, after weeks of attempting to "tune it out" and capture a thought on paper, I have found it best to leave the business of capturing the best energy rates to the professionals and sit outside. Keeping my focus on writing is nearly impossible when the office begins to hum with language of contract renewals, leads, millage, faxes, suppliers, pipelines, spreadsheets, margins and market rates while the musical sounds of golden oldies fill the empty spaces. It is easier to concentrate with the roar of the highway.
Enjoy your morning routine, whatever it may be!

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