Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nice and easy...

I drove to Gainesville early to beat the road traffic and the heat. I didn't have to be there at the crack of dawn, but I wanted to let the hospital know that Nice had been injured during a fight. Pixie, the dog who had started the fight, had gotten hold of Nice's ear and viciously pulled while he was busy with Smoke. In the days that followed we did what we could to treat it but Nice required some special attention, his ear had become infected. At UF Hospital they were able to clean his ears while he was sedated for the pictures of his knees. There is a wound in his ear and his eardrum is ruptured. The doctor told me the eardrum usually grows back after the infection clears up. Nice was given ear drops and more pills for the infection for the next ten days. Nice's bones are healing at a good rate and should be well bonded at three months. Dr. Hudson showed me the images both before and after to illustrate the progress. Nice would begin water-rehab at this time but for the ear infection we have to take things slower. His knee tendons are inflamed, which often happens during the healing process, so we need to easy off on the daily walk times. Dr. Hudson was positive about Nice's healing and told me I may be surprised at how well he recovers. I am glad I arrived early, it made the difficult day for Nice and easy one.

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