Thursday, May 16, 2013

Walking with the Sisters

One morning we met a woman, as we rolled with the world, during our morning walk through her neighborhood. I explained how and why we came to be walking with the world, of Nice's knees that have brought us to stay in Spring Hill. She happily told me she walked every morning, that walking was very a good activity for anyone's health and "love yourself, go for a walk" is a wonderful message. We agreed to talk again soon and walked on.
The next morning, in the same neighborhood, a woman approached who I thought was the lady I had met the previous day. She was not, I soon found myself telling our tale to her. As we talked the woman of the previous day strolled up. The reason the two looked similar, they were sisters. They joked that they were walking together, that the older sister walked to fast. I joked that I walk slower than a woman pushing twins in a baby carriage through tall grass. All joking aside we all agreed that walking is an important part of our lives, especially for those who have poor circulation with diabetes. The elder, faster sister, said with a smile that she looks forward to her morning walks, walking made her happy.
We then walked together, at separate paces, in different directions. Nice and I circled wide to a side road leading out of the neighborhood. On our return, bordering the subdivision along the sidewalk by the highway, I waved at the faster sister. She smiled and waved, quickly walked to the end of the road a few feet in front of me, then suddenly turned around without loosing her "peppy" rhythm. Her sister could be seen in the distance.
We will walk together again tomorrow, for a few steps...

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