Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Amanda Holiday

I left early from Circleville. I had the road to myself except for the occasional passing truck. Shortly after it became light I did something I usually do not, I accepted a ride...
We had walked four and a half hours, most of the distance to Amanda. We were stopped in a driveway for a break when the first visitor of the day pulled in. It took her about one minute to offer us a ride to town. She said she wouldn't tell anyone.
She gave us a ride the last miles into Amanda. She said she never offers rides to strangers. I rarely get a ride for convenience. We both broke with tradition and she rode me into town. I climbed in the bed holding the world by its strapping while Nice (the dog) rode "shotgun" in the cab of her truck.
Straight to the heart of town and the "chief" who gave the "okay" to park in the lot by the church.
I spent the holiday resting, cleaning, visiting with locals who came by,talking to family and friends by phone, painting and patching a few of the most worn spots on the world.
I took the Labor Day Holiday off.

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Barbara Young, FL said...

Good for you, and Nice! You've earned a break in my book. I love following your blogs, Erik. It's great to see how well you and Nice are doing, just take it easy.