Tuesday, September 10, 2013


A woman stopped to ask my purpose.
After hearing what I had to say she told that she was diabetic. At one time she had to give herself five shots a day. She told me by walking, and loosing weight, she was now free of medication.
When I walk, the people I meet are my inspirations to find a way to continue.
Another woman was talking with me who told me she had been so large she could not leave her room. She was unable to fit past the doorway of her bedroom. She was now a small person that I would have never guessed had a problem with her weight. She said she began to eat healthy and when she was finally able to get out the door she walked. Rolling her eyes she said it took a lot of walking. She said it took some time but she did it.
I haven't been posting about the many people I have met on this walk who have similar stories. Whether they are insulin dependent and stay healthy with activity and diet, have been able to cease taking medications through their own efforts or (like me) are preventing the onset of diabetes by taking preventative "steps" they all take steps. They keep going.

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