Monday, September 9, 2013

New Holland to Zanesville, again.

In case you did not know, I walked this road six years ago. It was the first long walk we had done. My diabetic Uncle was turning eighty. For his surprise birthday celebration I walked to Pittsburg, PA..
I remember the places I had to stop from exhaustion and the physical strain of carrying too much weight, eating heavy unhealthy food and carbonated beverages, walking until I could walk no farther and would have to lay down.
Retracing my steps, the stops, the hills and ditch ways I charged through, the gifts of food I accepted it is clear to me now I needed to slow down. Not charge up an in incline and not accept every can of soda, candy, fried food, burger and pizza that good intentioned people brought me.
Now I walk the path with a calmer pace, walk slower uphill, eat mostly fruit, vegetables and baked chicken ( I share most with Nice (the dog).) I go longer and farther, with more energy.
It did take my walking six thousand miles and then some to be standing on the coast of Oregon to get one message...
"Don't put diesel fuel in a sports-car."
The winds of the Dakotas taught me about the futility of battling gravity and the elements.
Walking through Zanesville I am almost embarrassed looking back. But like a child, sometimes you have to do it, to don't it.

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Jenny said...

I passed you a little while ago on east pike. Keep it up! :)